Non-latch-up 1200V 75A bipolar-mode MOSFET with large ASO

  title={Non-latch-up 1200V 75A bipolar-mode MOSFET with large ASO},
  author={Akio Nakagawa and H. Ohashi and Mamoru Kurata and H. Yamaguchi and K. Watanabe},
  journal={1984 International Electron Devices Meeting},
In 1984 ICSSDM, Kobe, we already reported the development of 1200V, 75A bipolar-mode MOSEs(BIFET[l], or called IGT, COMFET [2,3]), which could turn-off 75Amps drain current with lOOOV applied drain voltage at the elevated temperature, 125 C(see Fig. 1). This paper presents improved BIFETs with non-latch-up structure as well as a large ASO. Figure 2 shows a cross section of a new BIFET. A part of the source layer is periodically eliminated, providing a low resistance bypass for holes to the… 
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  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and Ics
  • 1994
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