Non-interactive Evaluation of Encrypted Elementary Functions


Mobile code can be considered composing of functions. Sander et al implemented non-interactive evaluation of encrypted functions(non-interactive EEF) based on homomorphism. But their scheme is limited to encrypting polynomials in positive integer domain. There is no homomorphism that can securely implement non-interactive evaluation of encrypted elementary functions (non-interactive EEEF) in real domain now. In this paper, addition and multiplication homomorphism in real domain based on a modified ElGamal are proposed. Then using Taylor series we expand elementary functions approximately into polynomials, which can be encrypted and computed by the proposed homomorphism non-interactively. Then we implement non-interactive EEEF in real domain.

DOI: 10.1109/IAS.2009.36

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@article{Chen2009NoninteractiveEO, title={Non-interactive Evaluation of Encrypted Elementary Functions}, author={Liang Chen and Chengmin Gao and Yong Xu}, journal={2009 Fifth International Conference on Information Assurance and Security}, year={2009}, volume={2}, pages={45-48} }