Non-hyperbolic moveout inversion of wide-azimuth P-wave data for orthorhombic media

  title={Non-hyperbolic moveout inversion of wide-azimuth P-wave data for orthorhombic media},
  author={Ivan Vasconcelos and Ilya Tsvankin},
The azimuthally varying non-hyperbolic moveout of P-waves in orthorhombic media can provide valuable information for characterization of fractured reservoirs and seismic processing. Here, we present a technique to invert long-spread, wide-azimuth P-wave data for the orientation of the vertical symmetry planes and five key moveout parameters: the symmetry-plane NMO velocities, V(1) nmo and V (2) nmo, and the anellipticity parameters, η(1), η(2) and η(3). The inversion algorithm is based on a… CONTINUE READING


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