Non-full-active Super-Sbox Analysis: Applications to ECHO and Grøstl

  title={Non-full-active Super-Sbox Analysis: Applications to ECHO and Gr\ostl},
  author={Yu F Sasaki and Yang Li and Lei Wang and Kazuo Sakiyama and Kazuo Ohta},
In this paper, we present non-full-active Super-Sbox analysis which can detect non-ideal properties of a class of AES-based permutations with a low complexity. We apply this framework to SHA-3 round-2 candidates ECHO and Grøstl. The first application is for the full-round (8-round) ECHO permutation, which is a building block for 256-bit and 224-bit output sizes. By combining several observations specific to ECHO, our attack detects a non-ideal property with a time complexity of 2 and 2 amount… CONTINUE READING
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