Non-fasting factor VII coagulant activity (FVII:C) increased by high-fat diet.

  title={Non-fasting factor VII coagulant activity (FVII:C) increased by high-fat diet.},
  author={E M Bladbjerg and Peter Marckmann and Brittmarie Sandstr{\"o}m and J\orgen Jespersen},
  journal={Thrombosis and haemostasis},
  volume={71 6},
Preliminary observations have suggested that non-fasting factor VII coagulant activity (FVII:C) may be related to the dietary fat content. To confirm this, we performed a randomised cross-over study. Seventeen young volunteers were served 2 controlled isoenergetic diets differing in fat content (20% or 50% of energy). The 2 diets were served on 2 consecutive days. Blood samples were collected at 8.00 h, 16.30 h and 19.30 h, and analysed for triglycerides, FVII coagulant activity using human… CONTINUE READING


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