Non-equilibrium concentration fluctuations in superparamagnetic nanocolloids.

  title={Non-equilibrium concentration fluctuations in superparamagnetic nanocolloids.},
  author={Ana Oprisan and Ashley Rice and Sorinel Adrian Oprisan and C{\'e}dric Giraudet and Fabrizio Croccolo},
  journal={The European physical journal. E, Soft matter},
  volume={40 2},
We investigate non-equilibrium concentration fluctuations during the free diffusion of a colloidal suspension against pure water. We investigate Fe2O3 superparamagnetic nanocolloids with sizes between 1 and 10 nm by means of a shadowgraph apparatus to determine the mixture mass diffusion coefficient and kinematic viscosity. The experiments were performed in three distinct conditions: Experiment 1 is without any magnetic field; Experiment 2 with a vertical magnetic field; Experiment 3 after… CONTINUE READING