Non-enhancing de novo glioblastoma: report of two cases

  title={Non-enhancing de novo glioblastoma: report of two cases},
  author={Aaron Afshin Cohen-Gadol and Michael L. Diluna and Sergei I Bannykh and Joseph M. Piepmeier and Dennis D. Spencer},
  journal={Neurosurgical Review},
Malignant gliomas arise from two distinct pathways, as de novo lesions or from secondary transformation from low-grade lesions. Herein, we describe the cases of two patients to illustrate the proposition that de novo malignant gliomas can originate as non-enhancing tumors and rapidly progress to a pattern of ring enhancement characteristic of a glioblastoma. Both patients presented with new-onset seizures (simple partial and generalized). Their neurological examinations were unremarkable… CONTINUE READING
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