Non-deterministic Geographic Forwarding in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


In this paper, the problem of localized routing in mobile ad hoc networks is considered. In localized routing algorithms, messages are forwarded by each node based on its own geographic location, the location of its neighbors and the destination. In this work, a set of new geographic or position-based routing algorithms called the Randomized Greedy-AB-Greedy (RGABG) for routing in mobile ad hoc networks is proposed. The results of experiments on unit disk graphs and their associated Yao and Gabriel graphs show that the delivery rate of the studied routing algorithms is better than that of the deterministic greedy and compass algorithms and similar to that of the randomized AB routing algorithms. While the deterministic algorithms have the best path dilation, the path dilation of RGABG algorithms is close to the best result and better than the AB algorithms.

DOI: 10.1109/APSCC.2008.198

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