Non-commutative solitons and strong-weak duality

  title={Non-commutative solitons and strong-weak duality},
  author={H. Blas and Hector L. Carri{\'o}n and M. Rojas},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
Some properties of the non-commutative versions of the sine-Gordon model (NCSG) and the corresponding massive Thirring theories (NCMT) are studied. Our method relies on the NC extension of integrable models and the master Lagrangian approach to deal with dual theories. The master Lagrangians turn out to be the NC versions of the so-called affine Toda model coupled to matter fields (NCATM) associated to the group GL(2), in which the Toda field belongs to certain representations of either $U(1){x… 
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