Non-collagen proteins of stapedial bone matrix in perilymph of otosclerotic patients.


Non-collagen proteins extracted from the otosclerotic stapes footplate, superstructure and temporal cortical bone were compared with the protein patterns of normal and otosclerotic perilymph by analytical isotachophoresis (ITP). Normal and otosclerotic perilymph yielded basically identical isotachophoretic subfractions. Thirteen subfractions were detected moving as anions at pH 9.6 in the normal perilymph, versus 16 subfractions of similar character in the otosclerotic perilymph. Of these 16 protein subfractions, one (which was not detected in the normal perilymph) could be found in the ITP-gram of the stapes footplate non-collagen proteins, but not of the stapes superstructure or temporal cortical bone. Our results support the concept that protein can enter the inner ear fluid spaces from the otosclerotic bone. The biological significance of these proteins has not yet been clarified.

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