Non-bioengineered silk gland fibroin micromolded matrices to study cell-surface interactions.

  title={Non-bioengineered silk gland fibroin micromolded matrices to study cell-surface interactions.},
  author={Biman B Mandal and Tamal Das and Subhas C Kundu},
  journal={Biomedical microdevices},
  volume={11 2},
Micropatterning/micromolding of protein molecules has played a significant role in developing biosensors, micro arrays, and tissue engineering devices for cellular investigations. Relevantly, there have been ample scopes for silk to be used as natural biomaterial in tissue engineering applications due to its attractive properties such as slow-controllable degradation, mechanical robustness, and inherent biocompatibility. In this paper, we report the fabrication of micromolded silk fibroin… CONTINUE READING


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