Non-abelian differentiable gerbes

  title={Non-abelian differentiable gerbes},
  author={Camille Laurent-Gengoux and Mathieu Sti{\'e}non and Ping Xu},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},

Multiplicative Ehresmann connections

. We develop the theory of multiplicative Ehresmann connections for Lie groupoid submersions covering the identity, as well as their infinitesimal counterparts. We construct obstructions to the

Connections on Lie groupoids and Chern-Weil theory

. Let X = [ X 1 ⇒ X 0 ] be a Lie groupoid equipped with a connection, given by a smooth distribution H ⊂ T X 1 transversal to the fibers of the source map. Under the assumption that the distribution H


We recall and partially expand four versions of smooth, non-abelian gerbes: Cech cocycles, classifying maps, bundle gerbes, and principal 2-bundles. We prove that all these four versions are

A global perspective to connections on principal 2-bundles

For a strict Lie 2-group, we develop a notion of Lie 2-algebra-valued differential forms on Lie groupoids, furnishing a differential graded-commutative Lie algebra equipped with an adjoint action

Pontrjagin duality on multiplicative Gerbes.

We use Segal-Mitchison's cohomology of topological groups to define a convenient model for topological gerbes. We introduce multiplicative gerbes over topological groups in this setup and we define

Lie groupoids and crossed module-valued gerbes over stacks

Higher Lie algebra actions on Lie algebroids


Abstract We construct a cycle in higher Hochschild homology associated to the two-dimensional torus which represents 2-holonomy of a nonabelian gerbe in the same way as the ordinary holonomy of a



Chern–Weil map for principal bundles over groupoids

The theory of principal G-bundles over a Lie groupoid is an important one unifying various types of principal G-bundles, including those over manifolds, those over orbifolds, as well as equivariant

Bundle gerbes

. Just as C × principal bundles provide a geometric realisation of two-dimensional integral cohomology; gerbes or sheaves of groupoids, provide a geometric realisation of three dimensional integral

The basic gerbe over a compact simple Lie group

Let $G$ be a compact, simply connected simple Lie group. We give a construction of an equivariant gerbe with connection on $G$, with equivariant 3-curvature representing a generator of $H^3_G(G,\Z)$.

Sheaf theory for stacks in manifolds and twisted cohomology for S 1 -gerbes

In this paper we give a sheaf theory interpretation of the twisted cohomology of manifolds. To this end we develop a sheaf theory on smooth stacks. The derived push-forward of the constant sheaf with

Nonabelian Bundle Gerbes, Their Differential Geometry and Gauge Theory

Bundle gerbes are a higher version of line bundles, we present nonabelian bundle gerbes as a higher version of principal bundles. Connection, curving, curvature and gauge transformations are studied

Deformation quantization modules I:Finiteness and duality

We introduce the notion of being cohomologically complete for objects of the derived category of sheaves of $Z[\hbar]$-modules on a topological space. Then we consider a $Z[\hbar]$-algebra satisfying