Non-Universality Effects and Dark Matter in Gravity Mediated SUSY Breaking


Dark matter detection rates for supergravity models with R parity where supersymmetry is broken at a scale > ∼ MG are discussed. Non-universal soft breaking masses in both the Higgs and squark sectors are considered, and it is seen that these can effect rates by a factor of 10 100 when mχ̃0 1 < ∼ 65 GeV (χ01 = lightest neutralino) but otherwise make relatively small corrections. The b → s+γ branching ratio is seen to correlate with detector event rates, large (small) branching ratios corresponding to small (large) event rates. Effects of precision determinations of cosmological parameters or event rate predictions by future satellite experiments are discussed for the ΛCDM and the νCDM models

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