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Non-Standard Neutrino Self-Interactions Can Cause Neutrino Flavor Equipartition Inside the Supernova Core

  title={Non-Standard Neutrino Self-Interactions Can Cause Neutrino Flavor Equipartition Inside the Supernova Core},
  author={Sajad Abbar},
We show that non-standard neutrino self-interactions can lead to total flavor equipartition in a dense neutrino gas, such as those expected in core-collapse supernovae. In this first investigation of this phenomenon in the multi-angle scenario, we demonstrate that such a flavor equipartition can occur on very short scales, and therefore very deep inside the newly formed proto-neutron star, with a possible significant impact on the physics of core-collapse supernovae. Our findings imply that future… 

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  • Yue YangJ. Kneller
  • Physics
    Proceedings of The 20th International Workshop on Neutrinos — PoS(NuFACT2018)
  • 2019
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