Non-Riemannian metric emergent from scalar quantum field theory

  title={Non-Riemannian metric emergent from scalar quantum field theory},
  author={Arnab Kar and Sarada G. Rajeev},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • Arnab Kar, Sarada G. Rajeev
  • Published 2012
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Physical Review D
  • We show that the two-point function \sigma(x,x')=\sqrt{ } of a scalar quantum field theory is a metric (i.e., a symmetric positive function satisfying the triangle inequality) on space-time (with imaginary time). It is very different from the Euclidean metric |x-x'| at large distances, yet agrees with it at short distances. For example, space-time has finite diameter which is not universal. The Lipschitz equivalence class of the metric is independent of the cutoff. \sigma(x,x') is not the… CONTINUE READING

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