Non-Redox Assisted Oxygen-Oxygen Bond Homolysis in Titanocene Alkylperoxide Complexes: [Cp(2)Ti(eta-OOBu)L], L = Cl, OTf, Br, OEt(2), Et(3)P.


The titanium(IV) alkylperoxide complex Cp(2)Ti(OO(t)Bu)Cl (1) is formed on treatment of Cp(2)TiCl(2) with NaOO(t)Bu in THF at -20 degrees C. Treatment of 1 with AgOTf at -20 degrees C gives the triflate complex Cp(2)Ti(OO(t)Bu)OTf (2), which is rapidly converted to the bromide Cp(2)Ti(OO(t)Bu)Br (3) on addition of (n)Bu(4)NBr. The X-ray crystal structures… (More)


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