Non-Planar Adaptive Antenna Arrays for GPS Receivers

  title={Non-Planar Adaptive Antenna Arrays for GPS Receivers},
  author={I. J. Gupta and T.-H Lee and K A Griffith and C D Slick and C Jayarami Reddy and Martin C Bailey and Douglas DeCarlo},
  journal={IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine},
The effects of various design parameters (e.g., the curvature, number of elements, and element distribution) on the anti-jamming (AJ) performance of non-planar GPS antenna arrays are discussed. It is shown that for the best performance, non-planar GPS antennas should have a convex surface, a large curvature, and as many elements as possible. The antenna elements should also be distributed to fill the available surface. Using these guidelines, a six-inch-high. non-planar GPS antenna containing… CONTINUE READING
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