Non-Markovian quantum dynamics: Extended correlated projection superoperators.

  title={Non-Markovian quantum dynamics: Extended correlated projection superoperators.},
  author={Zhiqiang Huang},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={102 3-1},
  • Zhiqiang Huang
  • Published 31 May 2020
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Physical review. E
The correlated projection superoperator techniques provide a better understanding about how correlations lead to strong non-Markovian effects in open quantum systems. Their superoperators are independent of initial state, which may not be suitable for some cases. To improve this, we develop another approach, that is extending the composite system before use the correlated projection superoperator techniques. Such an approach allows the choice of different superoperators for different initial… 

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  • Rev. E 73, 016139
  • 2006