Non-MHV Tree Amplitudes in Gauge Theory

  title={Non-MHV Tree Amplitudes in Gauge Theory},
  author={George M. Georgiou and E. W. N. Glover and Valentin V. Khoze},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We show how all non-MHV tree-level amplitudes in 0 ? ? 4 gauge theories can be obtained directly from the known MHV amplitudes using the scalar graph approach of Cachazo, Svrcek and Witten. Generic amplitudes are given by sums of inequivalent scalar diagrams with MHV vertices. The novel feature of our method is that after the `Feynman rules' for scalar diagrams are used, together with a particular choice of the reference spinor, no further helicity-spinor algebra is required to convert the… 

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