Non-MHC-restricted CD4+ T lymphocytes are regulated by HLA-Cw7-mediated inhibition.

  title={Non-MHC-restricted CD4+ T lymphocytes are regulated by HLA-Cw7-mediated inhibition.},
  author={Christine S. Falk and Elfriede Noessner and Bernhard Frankenberger and Dolores J. Schendel},
  journal={Human immunology},
  volume={61 12},
Natural killer cells (NK cells) represent an important component of innate immunity with the capacity to kill many tumor and virus-infected cells. The discovery of several classes of killer cell inhibitory receptors expressed by NK cells that bind specific MHC class I ligands on target cells provides detailed insight into the regulation of NK cells. Inhibitory receptors deliver negative signals following MHC ligand binding that abrogate cytotoxicity and, thus, determine the specificity of NK… CONTINUE READING