Non-Liouville groups with return probability exponent at most 1=2

  title={Non-Liouville groups with return probability exponent at most 1=2},
  author={Michal Kotowski and B{\'a}lint Vir{\'a}g},
  journal={Electronic Communications in Probability},
  • Michal Kotowski, Bálint Virág
  • Published 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Electronic Communications in Probability
  • We construct a finitely generated group G without the Liouville property such that the return probability of a random walk satisfies p2n(e,e)≳e−n1/2+o(1). This shows that the constant 1/2 in a recent theorem by Saloff-Coste and Zheng, saying that return probability exponent less than 1/2 implies the Liouville property, cannot be improved. Our construction is based on permutational wreath products over tree-like Schreier graphs and the analysis of large deviations of inverted orbits on such… CONTINUE READING

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