Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Mild to Severe Stenosis of the Internal Carotid Artery

  title={Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Mild to Severe Stenosis of the Internal Carotid Artery},
  author={Robert F. Spetzler and Warren Selman and Uros Roessmann and Linda Hershey and R. Christian Crumrine and Richard F. Macko},
A prospective masked study of the Langham Ocular Pressure Pulse Amplitude Procedure was made on 20 patients with arteriographically-confirmed completely patent carotid arteries (Group 1) and on 20 patients with either unilateral or bilateral stenoses of the internal carotid arteries (Group 2). The results are compared to similar studies previously reported on 20 patients with radiographically confirmed unilateral or bilateral occlusions of the internal carotid arteries (Group 3). The… CONTINUE READING
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