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Non-Hermitian dislocation modes: Stability and melting across exceptional points

  title={Non-Hermitian dislocation modes: Stability and melting across exceptional points},
  author={Archisman Panigrahi and Roderich Moessner and Bitan Roy},
The traditional bulk-boundary correspondence assuring robust gapless modes at the edges and surfaces of insulating and nodal topological materials gets masked in non-Hermitian (NH) systems by the skin effect, manifesting an accumulation of a macroscopic number of states near such interfaces. Here we show that dislocation lattice defects are immune to the skin effect and as such they support robust topological modes in the bulk of a NH system, specifically when the underlying Hermitian phase… Expand

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Non-Hermitian skin effect of dislocations and its topological origin
Balaganchi A. Bhargava, Ion Cosma Fulga, Jeroen van den Brink, 2 and Ali G. Moghaddam 4, 1 Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics, IFW Dresden and Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of ExcellenceExpand