Non-HFE hemochromatosis: genetics, pathogenesis, and clinical management.

  title={Non-HFE hemochromatosis: genetics, pathogenesis, and clinical management.},
  author={James Howard Nelson and Kris V. Kowdley},
  journal={Current gastroenterology reports},
  volume={7 1},
Recent advances in our understanding of iron metabolism and the epidemiology of iron overload disorders have shown that hereditary forms of hemochromatosis can result from mutations in several iron metabolism genes other than HFE, including Hamp, HJV, TFR2, and SCL40A. These "non-HFE" forms of hemochromatosis are much rarer than HFE-related hemochromatosis but exhibit a similar phenotype, and with the exception of ferroportin disease, a similar pattern of inheritance and parenchymal iron… CONTINUE READING

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