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Non-Gaussianity as a probe of the physics of the primordial universe and the astrophysics of the low redshift universe

  title={Non-Gaussianity as a probe of the physics of the primordial universe and the astrophysics of the low redshift universe},
  author={E.Komatsu and N.Afshordi and N.Bartolo and D.Baumann and J.R.Bond and E.I.Buchbinder and C.T.Byrnes and X.Chen and D.J.H.Chung and A.Cooray and P.Creminelli and N.Dalal and O.Dore and R.Easther and A.V.Frolov and K.M.Gorski and M. Jackson and J.Khoury and W.H.Kinney and L.Kofman and K.Koyama and L.Leblond and J.-L.Lehners and J.E.Lidsey and M.Liguori and E.A.Lim and A.Linde and D.H.Lyth and J.Maldacena and S.Matarrese and L.McAllister and P.McDonald and S.Mukohyama and B.Ovrut and H.V.Peiris and C.Raeth and A.Riotto and Y.Rodriguez and M.Sasaki and R.Scoccimarro and D.Seery and E.Sefusatti and U.Seljak and L.Senatore and S.Shandera and E.P.S.Shellard and E.Silverstein and A.Slosar and K.M.Smith and A.A.Starobinsky and P.J.Steinhardt and F.Takahashi and M.Tegmark and A.J.Tolley and L.Verde and B.D.Wandelt and D.Wands and S.Weinberg and M.Wyman and A.P.S.Yadav and M.Zaldarriaga},
A new and powerful probe of the origin and evolution of structures in the Universe has emerged and been actively developed over the last decade. In the coming decade, non-Gaussianity, i.e., the study of non-Gaussian contributions to the correlations of cosmological fluctuations, will become an important probe of both the early and the late Universe. Specifically, it will play a leading role in furthering our understanding of two fundamental aspects of cosmology and astrophysics: (i) the physics… Expand
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