Non-Gaussian normal diffusion induced by delocalization.

  title={Non-Gaussian normal diffusion induced by delocalization.},
  author={Jianjin Wang and Yong Zhang and Hong Zhao},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={93 3},
Non-Gaussian normal diffusion, i.e., the probability density function (PDF) is non-Gaussian but the mean squared displacement (MSD) depends on time linearly, has been observed in particle motions. Here we show by numerical simulations that this phenomenon may manifest itself in energy diffusion along a lattice at a nonzero, finite temperature. The studied model is a one-dimensional disordered lattice with on-site potential. We find that the energy density fluctuations are spatially localized if… 
Non-Gaussian diffusion in static disordered media.
This work investigates the non-Gaussian diffusion in static disordered media via a quenched trap model, where the diffusivity is spatially correlated, and analytically estimates the diffusion coefficient D_{dis} and its fluctuation over samples of finite size.
Non-Gaussian normal diffusion in a fluctuating corrugated channel
A Brownian particle floating in a narrow corrugated (sinusoidal) channel with fluctuating cross section exhibits non-Gaussian normal diffusion. Its displacements are distributed according to a
Quenched trap model on the extreme landscape: The rise of subdiffusion and non-Gaussian diffusion.
This theoretical paper reveals the connections among the subdiffusion, non-Gaussian diffusion, and the dynamic heterogeneity in the static disordered medium and offers an insight on how the cell would benefit from the quasistatic disordered structures.
Two-dimensional active motion.
The diffusion in two dimensions of noninteracting active particles that follow an arbitrary motility pattern is considered for analysis. A Fokker-Planck-like equation is generalized to take into
Non-Gaussian subdiffusion of single-molecule tracers in a hydrated polymer network.
It is shown that the degree of non-Gaussianity can change with the extent of heterogeneity, which is controlled in the model by the experimentally observed distributions of the motion parameters.
Test of the diffusing-diffusivity mechanism using near-wall colloidal dynamics.
Single-particle tracking measurements of the diffusion of colloidal spheres near a planar substrate are reported, showing that, in environments where the diffusivity changes gradually, the displacement distribution becomes non-Gaussian, even though the mean-square displacement grows linearly with time.
Anomalous transport in the Aubry-André-Harper model in isolated and open systems
We study the high temperature transport behavior of the Aubry-Andre-Harper (AAH) model, both in the isolated thermodynamic limit and in the open system. At the critical point of the AAH model, we
Single Particle Tracking: From Theory to Biophysical Applications.
This review summarizes the algorithms behind, and practical applications of, single particle tracking, and highlights some applications of SPT to study various biological and synthetic materials systems.


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