Non-Gaussian low-frequency noise as a source of qubit decoherence.


We study decoherence in a qubit with the distance between the two levels affected by random flips of bistable fluctuators. For the case of a single fluctuator we evaluate explicitly an exact expression for the phase-memory decay in the echo experiment with a resonant ac excitation. The echo signal as a function of time shows a sequence of plateaus. The position and the height of the plateaus can be used to extract the fluctuator switching rate gamma and its coupling strength v. At small times the logarithm of the echo signal is proportional to t3. The plateaus disappear when the decoherence is induced by many fluctuators. In this case the echo signal depends on the distribution of the fluctuators parameters. According to our analysis, the results significantly deviate from those obtained in the Gaussian model as soon as v greater than or approximately equal gamma.

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