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Non-Contact Optical Automatic Measurement of Free-From Surface Based on Conoscopic Holography

  title={Non-Contact Optical Automatic Measurement of Free-From Surface Based on Conoscopic Holography},
  author={Wen Jiang-tao},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Sensors and Actuators},
  • Wen Jiang-tao
  • Published 2007
  • Engineering
  • Chinese Journal of Sensors and Actuators
To solve the problems of the speed and the accuracy in free-form surface measurement, an automatic measurement system based on conoscopic holography is proposed. With a 5 DOF automatic positioning system, the system can realize accurate and efficient measurement of free-form surface according to the 3D information of the component’s CAD model. The principle of conoscopic holography is introduced, and the measurement system is described. Inspection planning based on CAD model and optimized… Expand
Measurement method for aeroengine blade based on large reflection angle noncontact sensing technology
A quick and reliable measuring method, using conoscopic polarization holography, which is able to eliminate the influences of significant change in the curvature of blade profile, thus realizing the efficient collection of data. Expand
A measuring method for the leading and trailing edges of blade based on feature modeling
The research results show that the method proposed in this study improves the accuracy and efficiency of LTE measurement significantly, which provides a new technical solution for measuring the LTE of aeroengine blades. Expand