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Non-Archimedean Electrostatics

  title={Non-Archimedean Electrostatics},
  author={Christopher D. Sinclair},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
  • C. Sinclair
  • Published 17 February 2020
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Mathematical Physics
We introduce ensembles of repelling charged particles restricted to a ball in a non-archimedean field (such as the $p$-adic numbers) with interaction energy between pairs of particles proportional to the logarithm of the ($p$-adic) distance between them. In the {\em canonical ensemble}, a system of $N$ particles is put in contact with a heat bath at fixed inverse temperature $\beta$ and energy is allowed to flow between the system and the heat bath. Using standard axioms of statistical physics… 

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