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Nomos and Psephisma in Fourth-Century Athens

  title={Nomos and Psephisma in Fourth-Century Athens},
  author={Mogens Herman Hansen},
  journal={Greek Roman and Byzantine Studies},
  • M. Hansen
  • Published 24 December 1978
  • History
  • Greek Roman and Byzantine Studies
The Rule of Law as the Measure of Political Legitimacy in the Greek City States
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It is realized that half of children with high prevalence of RF have not associate RF, and a neonatal study of genetic tests for hearing loss should be carried out together with citomegalovirus screening.
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Sources and their Uses
No guide comparable to Thucydides exists for the fourth century. This means that we have no firm framework for political and military events, and this lack is a serious obstacle to one sort of
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Les recueils des « lois sacrees » effectue par Sokolowski et Lupu sont incontestablement un instrument de travail de premier rang pour l’etude de la religion grecque. Pourtant, les documents dans ces
Au VIe siecle avant J.-C., Solon a joue un role politique important a Athenes. Legislateur, il a etabli des lois. Legislateur, mais aussi poete : des fragments poetiques qui vont du poeme complet a