Nomenclature and terminology of graphite intercalation compounds (IUPAC Recommendations 1994)

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Biochar’s role as an alternative N-fertilizer: ammonia capture
BackgroundBiochar’s role as a carbon sequestration agent, while simultaneously providing soil fertility improvements when used as an amendment, has been receiving significant attention across allExpand
A review on carbon nanotube: An overview of synthesis, properties, functionalization, characterization, and the application
Abstract A foremost and inimitable invention in the part of nanotechnology is carbon nanotubes (CNT). Crystal structures are nearly analogous to the nuclear atomic arrangement of graphite andExpand
Advanced applications of green materials in electromagnetic shielding
Abstract Electromagnetic interference shielding efficiency (EMI SE) is a phenomenon of restricting the proliferation of electromagnetic rays inside a space or device by mounting a barrier made ofExpand
Application of graphene in energy storage device – A review
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Combining Multiple Methods for Recycling of Kish Graphite from Steelmaking Slags and Oil Sorption Performance of Kish-Based Expanded Graphite
  • Jihui Li, Ruochen Liu, +5 authors Zheng-Hong Huang
  • Medicine
  • ACS omega
  • 2021
This work proposed an integrated beneficiation process, pneumatic separation–flotation–sonication–magnetic separation, to recycle kish graphite flakes with a high graphitization degree and investigated the sorption performance of various oils on kish-based expanded graphite. Expand
Estimation and analysis for modelling of stand-alone graphene/AlGaAs/GaAs schottky solar photovoltaic cell module for power conversion efficiency
With advancement in photovoltaic technology solar devices matured and the current trend indulge a requisite to elevate device performance by power conversion efficiency and is the focus of recentExpand
Fabrication and Characterization of Nanofibers Membranes using Electrospinning Technology for Oil Removal
تعتبر المياه العادمة الزيتية أحدى أكثر التدفقات التي يصعب التعامل معها خاصة إذا وجد الزيت على شكل طور مستحلب. في هذه الدراسة، تم استخدام طريقة الغزل الكهربائي لتحضيرأغشية الياف نانوية رقيقة من البوليExpand
Graphene, an Interesting Nanocarbon Allotrope for Biosensing Applications: Advances, Insights, and Prospects
This manuscript comprehensively reviews the biosensing applications of graphene and its derivatives (i.e. GO and rGO). Expand