Nomenclatorial changes and redescriptions of three of Navás’ Leucochrysa (Nodita) species (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae)

  title={Nomenclatorial changes and redescriptions of three of Nav{\'a}s’ Leucochrysa (Nodita) species (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae)},
  author={Tauber Catherine A. and Albuquerque Gilberto S. and Tauber Maurice J.},
  pages={9 - 33}
Abstract Three species that Navás described – Leucochrysa (Nodita) azevedoi Navás, 1913, Leucochrysa (Nodita) camposi (Navás, 1933) and Leucochrysa (Nodita) morenoi (Navás, 1934) – have received recent taxonomic attention. All three have many similar external features; indeed Navás himself, as well as subsequent authors, have confused the species with each other. Here, (a) misidentifications are corrected; (b) a neotype of Leucochrysa azevedoi is designated; (c) Leucochrysa (Nodita) morenoi… 

Two common and problematic leucochrysine species – Leucochrysa (Leucochrysa) varia (Schneider) and L. (L.) pretiosa (Banks) (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae): redescriptions and synonymies

It is shown that these species occur within a large complex of cryptic species and that they have accumulated a number of taxonomic problems, so two problematic and common Leucochrysa species are treated.

Rediscovery of Nuvol umbrosus Navás (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae, Leucochrysini): a redescription and discussion

Abstract The monotypic leucochrysine genus Nuvol was previously known from three specimens of Nuvol umbrosus Navás, collected in the Atlantic Forest region of Brazil. For many years these specimens

Type specimens of Neotropical Chrysopidae (Neuroptera) in Italian museums

Nine type specimens of Neotropical Chrysopidae are currently held in two Italian natural history museums and represent all of the known New World types of Chrysop Families housed in Italian museums.

Neuroptera Diversity from Tacaná Volcano, Mexico: Species Composition, Altitudinal and Biogeographic Pattern of the Fauna

Recent survey efforts of the Neuroptera diversity of the Tacaná volcano, Chiapas, along an altitudinal gradient, increased the known fauna of this order in Mexico by 31 species and two genera, with extension of the known distributional range of 25 species of five families.



A new species of Leucochrysa and a redescription of Leucochrysa ( Nodita ) clepsydra Banks (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

To facilitate reliable identification of natural enemies in South American agroecosystems, the redescribe L. (N.) clepsydra (male and female) from the type specimens, describe a similar species from Brazil, and modify the existing key.


Longinos Navas a decrit approximativement 680 especes de Chrysopidae. Les specimens type porte-nom conserves au Museum national d'Histoire naturelle a Paris (MNHN) representent environ le quart de

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