Noise-to-harmonics ratio as an acoustic measure of voice disorders in boys.

  title={Noise-to-harmonics ratio as an acoustic measure of voice disorders in boys.},
  author={Geraldo Pereira Jotz and Onivaldo Cervantes and M{\'a}rcio Abrah{\~a}o and Fl{\'a}vio Aur{\'e}lio Parente Settanni and Elisabete Carrara de Angelis},
  journal={Journal of voice : official journal of the Voice Foundation},
  volume={16 1},
This prospective study assessed the efficacy of computerized noise-to-harmonics ratio (NHR) to quantify perceptual and endoscopic findings of dysphonia and/or structural lesion of the vocal fold. Fifty Brazilian boys without vocal complaints were submitted to computerized, perceptual, and endoscopic examination. Thirty boys were dysphonic--3 were classified into the grade category, 5 into breathiness, 9 into roughness, and 15 into grade/breathiness. Vocal fold lesions were observed in 25 boys… CONTINUE READING

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