Noise spectra in the reversible–irreversible transition in amorphous solids under oscillatory driving

  title={Noise spectra in the reversible–irreversible transition in amorphous solids under oscillatory driving},
  author={Ido Regev and C. J. O. Reichhardt and C. J. O. Reichhardt},
  journal={Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering},
We study the stress fluctuations in simulations of a two-dimensional amorphous solid under a cyclic drive. It is known that this system organizes into a reversible state for small driving amplitudes and remains in an irreversible state for high driving amplitudes, and that a critical driving amplitude separates the two regimes. Here we study the time series of the stress fluctuations below and above the reversible-irreversible transition. In the irreversible regime above the transition, the… Expand
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