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Noise shaping techniques for analog and time to digital converters using voltage controlled oscillators

  title={Noise shaping techniques for analog and time to digital converters using voltage controlled oscillators},
  author={Matthew Z. Straayer},
Advanced CMOS processes offer very fast switching speed and high transistor density that can be utilized to implement analog signal processing functions in interesting and unconventional ways, for example by leveraging time as a signal domain. In this context, voltage controlled ring oscillators are circuit elements that are not only very attractive due to their highly digital implementation which takes advantage of scaling, but also due to their ability to amplify or integrate conventional… 

A Noise-Shaping Time-to-Digital Converter Using Switched-Ring Oscillators—Analysis, Design, and Measurement Techniques

A high-resolution time-to-digital converter (TDC) using switched-ring oscillators (SROs) is presented, capable of operating at high oversampling ratios (OSRs) and achieving high resolution without the need for calibration.

Techniques for high-performance digital frequency synthesis and phase control

This thesis presents a 3.6-GHz, 500-kHz bandwidth digital ∆Σ frequency synthesizer architecture that leverages a recently invented noise-shaping time-to-digital converter (TDC) and an all-digital

A Highly Digital VCO-Based ADC Architecture for Current Sensing Applications

This paper presents a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) based current to digital converter for sensor readout applications and uses a digital filter instead of an analog loop filter to ease the design and makes it scaling friendly.

A Deterministic Background Calibration Technique for Voltage Controlled Oscillator Based ADC

This chapter briefly discusses such recent advances towards improving the performance of VCO based ADCs, and a deterministic background calibration method to improve the linearity of V CO basedADCs is discussed in more detail.

An Inverted Ring Oscillator Noise-Shaping Time-to-Digital Converter With In-Band Noise Reduction and Coherent Noise Cancellation

To the best of the knowledge, this is the first demonstration of an oscillator utilizing oscillation inversion for noise reduction and coherent cancellation to protect the TDC from power supply noise, ground noise, and substrate noise.

Time-Based All-Digital Technique for Analog Built-in Self-Test

A scheme for built-in self-test of analog signals with minimal area overhead for measuring on-chip voltages in an all-digital manner is presented, and the concept is validated by designing a test chip in a UMC 130-nm CMOS process.

A calibration-free time difference accumulator using two pulses propagating on a single buffer ring

A time-mode analog signal accumulator that produces two digital signal edges whose time difference is an accumulation of sequence of time difference inputs.

Digital Phase Locked Loops for Radio Frequency Synthesis

Several IC design techniques are demonstrated, which improve the DPLL in terms of both overall architecture and individual subblocks, which much better exploit the new silicon ecosystems.

A 13b 315fsrms 2mW 500MS/s 1MHz bandwidth highly digital time-to-digital converter using switched ring oscillators

This work presents a highly digital switched ring oscillator based TDC (SRO-TDC) that achieves noise shaping and is capable of operating at high OSRs.



1.3 V 20 ps time-to-digital converter for frequency synthesis in 90-nm CMOS

A 20-ps time-to-digital converter (TDC) realized in 90-nm digital CMOS is used as a phase/frequency detector and charge pump replacement in an all-digital phase-locked loop for a fully-compliant Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) transceiver.

A CMOS time-to-digital converter with better than 10 ps single-shot precision

A high-precision CMOS time-to-digital converter IC has been designed based on a counter and two-level interpolation realized with stabilized delay lines that reduces the number of delay elements and registers and lowers the power consumption.

Statistical Linearity Calibration of Time-To-Digital Converters Using a Free-Running Ring Oscillator

  • J. Rivoir
  • Engineering
    2006 15th Asian Test Symposium
  • 2006
Precise and fast time measurements have many applications in test that can be covered cost effectively by vernier delay line (VDL) based time-to-digital converters (TDC), implemented fully digitally

An all-digital analog-to-digital converter with 12-μV/LSB using moving-average filtering

The combination of this ADC and a digital filter that follows can eliminate an analog prefilter to prevent the aliasing before A/D conversion and it is an ideal means to lower the cost and power consumption.

A Low-Cost Low-Power CMOS Time-to-Digital Converter Based on Pulse Stretching

A low-cost and low-power CMOS time-to-digital converter (TDC) with 50-ps time resolution is proposed in this paper. The reference clock frequency of the TDC is 80 MHz and the input range is

All-digital PLL and transmitter for mobile phones

The first all-digital PLL and polar transmitter for mobile phones is presented, exploiting the new paradigm of a deep-submicron CMOS process environment by leveraging on the fast switching times of MOS transistors, the fine lithography and the precise device matching, while avoiding problems related to the limited voltage headroom.

A high-resolution CMOS time-to-digital converter utilizing a Vernier delay line

Test results show that even higher resolutions can be achieved using the VDL method, and resolutions down to 5 ps are demonstrated to be obtainable.

A Design-Optimized Continuous-Time Delta–Sigma ADC for WLAN Applications

A third-order continuous-time delta-sigma (DeltaSigma) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is presented and it is shown that GmC integrators are preferred over RC integrators in the low-pass filter of the modulator because they show a better tradeoff between power, speed, and accuracy.

A flexible multi-channel high-resolution time-to-digital converter ASIC

A data driven multi-channel time-to-digital converter (TDC) circuit with programmable resolution (/spl sim/25 ps-800 ps binning) and a dynamic range of 102.4 /spl mu/s has been implemented in a 0.25

Only digital technology analog-to-digital converter circuit

The proposed fully digital ADC is suitable for sensor applications and is designed and simulated using 0.5/spl mu/m CMOS parameters.