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Noise Pollution and Its Impact on Human Health and Social Behavior using Systems Approach-A Case Study in Kurnool City

  title={Noise Pollution and Its Impact on Human Health and Social Behavior using Systems Approach-A Case Study in Kurnool City},
  author={Putluru Sravani},
  journal={Civil and environmental research},
  • P. Sravani
  • Published 2016
  • Economics
  • Civil and environmental research
The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the noise pollution problem in the Kurnool city of Andhra Pradesh, India and its effect on the public. Transportation and horn used in vehicle are the major source of noise pollution. Noise is one of the environmental problems that make daily life uncomfortable. It is an unidentified pollution that causes adverse effects on human life. Noise interferes in complex task performance, modifies social behavior and causes annoyance. Six different… 

Implication of Noise Pollution on Residents’ Wellbeing in Benin City, Nigeria

This paper investigates the effect of noise exposure on resident’s wellbeing in Benin city. Using a cross-sectional survey of urban residents, an ordinal regression analysis was estimated to

A Comparative Study on Noise Pollution Levels In Dhanmondi Area, Dhaka: A Geospatial Analysis

  • M. Parvin
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Science
  • 2021
Noise pollution has been recognized as one of the most vital environmental pollutions that affecting urban area’s quality of life. Sound levels at different points of the study area have been

Noise Levels and Periods of Noise Experience within Residential Environment in Benin City, Nigeria

Across the two residential neighbourhoods, the highest mean noise level was recorded at Ogbe area with the least observed at GRA area, and strategies for noise abatement within residential dwellings were brought to fore.

Monitoring Environmental Noise Pollution in X8Building (International Student Dormitory)Wuhan University of Technology

Sound is an important thing our lives such as hearing the birds chirp and the sound of a smoke alarm is a wonderful thing, but the noise is usually referred to unpleasant or unwanted sounds. The


The study assessed sources of noise between two residential neighbourhood in Benin City, Nigeria using a cross-section survey. Mann-Whitney Test was employed to identify relative differences in noise



A Study of Road Traffic Noise Annoyance on Daily Life in Agartala City Using Fuzzy Expert System and Multiple Regression Analysis

A relationship has been developed between different traffic noise parameters and its harmful impact on daily life of individuals using multiple regression analysis and a good agreement was noticed between observed and predicted value of noise based level.

Noise pollution: non-auditory effects on health.

In children, chronic aircraft noise exposure impairs reading comprehension and long-term memory and may be associated with raised blood pressure, and further research is needed examining coping strategies and the possible health consequences of adaptation to noise.

Study of Noise Pollution Due To Railway and Vehicular Traffic at Level Crossing and Its Remedial Measures

In this study an attempt is made to monitor the noise pollution due to railway and vehicular traffic at one of the major intersection Rajapeth using digital sound meter along with the collection of traffic volume data and train frequency.

Study of Traffic Noise Pollution at different location in Jalandhar City

    Evaluation of Noise Pollution caused by vehicles in city of

      Survey on Noise Pollution and its Management Rajeev Kumar Mishra,Dr.Santosh Rangnekar,Dr