Noise-Induced Mechanism for Biological Homochirality of Early Life Self-Replicators.

  title={Noise-Induced Mechanism for Biological Homochirality of Early Life Self-Replicators.},
  author={Farshid Jafarpour and Tommaso Biancalani and Nigel Goldenfeld},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={115 15},
The observed single-handedness of biological amino acids and sugars has long been attributed to autocatalysis. However, the stability of homochiral states in deterministic autocatalytic systems relies on cross inhibition of the two chiral states, an unlikely scenario for early life self-replicators. Here, we present a theory for a stochastic individual-level model of autocatalysis due to early life self-replicators. Without chiral inhibition, the racemic state is the global attractor of the… 

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In the original model by Frank, the concentration of the
  • In the original model by Frank, the concentration of the