Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Associated Factors Among Vector Control Workers in a Malaysian State

  title={Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Associated Factors Among Vector Control Workers in a Malaysian State},
  author={Retneswari Masilamani and Abd Wahid Rasib and Azlan Darus and Anselm Su Ting},
  journal={Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health},
  pages={642 - 650}
This study aims to determine the prevalence and associated factors of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) among vector control workers in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. This was an analytical cross-sectional study conducted on 181 vector control workers who were working in district health offices in a state in Malaysia. Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire and audiometry. Prevalence of NIHL was 26% among this group of workers. NIHL was significantly associated with… 

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Prevalence of hearing loss and hearing impairment among manufacturing workers were high and age, male sex, monthly salary and employment years were possible influencing factors.

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A precautionary approach is needed when evaluating the risk of NIHL in the study population, and vulnerable groups of workers must be protected from occupational noise hazards through the implementation of effective hearing conservation programs in the workplace.

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Exposure to high noise level demonstrated a significant association with hypertension and hearing loss when the duration time to occupational noise was longer than 10 years and steps to reduce workplace noise levels and to improve workplace-based health are urgently needed.

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The majority of workers in Ethiopia are exposed to noise levels that exceed OSHA’s permissible exposure limit value, and a hearing conservation program should be implemented to reduce noise exposure levels in the wood and metal work industries.


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The objective of the following review is to analyze and determine the best measures of prevention and diagnosis of hearing loss due to industrial noise in workers exposed chronically to raise awareness of the importance of preventive measures in the workplace and is useful for the implementation or modification of current rules.

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This pilot study aimed to investigate the prevalence and determinants of NIHL among workers in the automotive industry in China and found that noise‐induced hearing loss is common among workers.

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Prevalence and risk factors of noise-induced hearing loss among liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder infusion workers in Taiwan.

Noise exposure, predisposing characteristics, employment-related factors, and personal habits to NIHL were estimated by univariate and multivariate logistic regressions and showed significant differences at frequencies of 4 k, 6 k, and 8 kHz with aging considered.

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There is evidence that exposure to insecticides was associated with peripheral sensorioneural hearing loss and that noise exposure can potentiate the ototoxic effects of insecticides.

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Assessment of the prevalence of, and risk factors for, noise-induced hearing loss in Dire-Dawa Textile Factory in October-December 1994 revealed a 34% overall prevalence of NIHL, with the highest prevalence observed among the weavers.

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The results of the validation study suggested that the noise-induced hearing loss questionnaire is reliable and valid tool for assessing knowledge, attitude and practice among sawmill workers.

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The prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss in a population sample of 788 workers from 11 trades with expected high noise exposure levels and a reference group examined indicates that preventive measures enforced during the past 10-15 years to reduce noise exposure may have borne fruit.

Noise induced hearing loss among the textile industry workers

Noise is one of the common physical environmental hazard in the workplace. A study was carried out in a textile industry at Gazipur from July 2004 to December 2004 to find out the prevalence, types

Multiple work-related accidents: tracing the role of hearing status and noise exposure

It is suggested that reducing noise exposure contributes to increased safety in noisy industries and prevents hearing loss, and hearing-impaired workers assigned to noisy workstations should be provided with assistive listening devices and efficient communication strategies should be implemented.

Combined effects of noise and mixed solvents exposure on the hearing function among workers in the aviation industry.

The prevalence of hearing loss found in the group exposed to noise and mixed solvents simultaneously (54.9%) was higher than those in the other groups, suggesting that chronic exposure to mixed Solvents had a toxic effect on the auditory system.

Knowledge, attitude and practice of sawmill workers towards noise-induced hearing loss in kota bharu, kelantan.

The weak areas identified in the knowledge section were treatment aspects, signs and symptoms of NIHL, and risk factors; and overall, the practice was not encouraging at all.

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Hearing loss in Thailand is common and strongly linked to several adverse health outcomes, and there needs to be more attention on hearing impairment with regular check-ups and early detections.