Noise Analysis of a Tunneling Accelerometer Based on State Space Stochastic Theory

  title={Noise Analysis of a Tunneling Accelerometer Based on State Space Stochastic Theory},
  author={Laura A. Oropeza-Ramos and Nitin Kataria and Christopher B. Burgner and Karl Johan {\AA}str{\"o}m and Fitzpatrick Brewer and Kimberly L. Turner},
This paper presents noise analysis of a lateral tunneling accelerometer, considering Brownian motion, Nyquist-Johnson and shot noise. The tunneling accelerometer has been fabricated; a low noise differential transresistance amplifier and a digital integral controller have been designed and implemented. Noise analysis has been made based on state space models and compared with experimental results. INTRODUCTION The measurement of acceleration, in addition to being a central element of inertial… CONTINUE READING
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