Noggin is required for early development of murine upper incisors.

  title={Noggin is required for early development of murine upper incisors.},
  author={Xuefeng Hu and Yi-Xiang Wang and Fengrong He and Liwen Li and Ying Zheng and Youbin Zhang and YiPing Chen},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={91 4},
BMP signaling plays crucial roles in the development of many organs, including the tooth. Equally important is BMP signaling homeostasis, as demonstrated by multiple organ defects in mice lacking the extracellular BMP antagonist Noggin. Here, we show that Noggin is initially expressed in the maxillary mesenchyme adjunct to the upper incisor at the initiation stage, and then in the developing teeth, including incisors and molars, from the bud stage. Noggin mutants develop normal molars and… CONTINUE READING