Nodal sets of Laplace eigenfunctions under small perturbations

  title={Nodal sets of Laplace eigenfunctions under small perturbations},
  author={Mayukh Mukherjee and Soumyajit Saha},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
  pages={475 - 491}
We study the stability properties of nodal sets of Laplace eigenfunctions on compact manifolds under specific small perturbations. We prove that nodal sets are fairly stable if such perturbations are relatively small, more formally, supported at a sub-wavelength scale. We do not need any generic assumption on the topology of the nodal sets or the simplicity of the Laplace spectrum. As an indirect application, we are able to show that a certain “Payne property” concerning the second nodal set… 

Sharp lower bound on the"number of nodal decomposition"of graphs

The lower bound on the number of nodal decomposition of eigenvectors in the class of all graphs with a fixed number of vertices which can be treated as a discrete analogue to the results of Stern and Lewy in the continuous Laplacian case is discussed.

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On the Inner Radius of a Nodal Domain

  • D. Mangoubi
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
  • 2008
Abstract Let $M$ be a closed Riemannian manifold. We consider the inner radius of a nodal domain for a large eigenvalue $\text{ }\!\!\lambda\!\!\text{ }.$ We give upper and lower bounds on the inner

The diameter of the first nodal line of a convex domains

The main goal of this paper is to prove that the first nodal line for the Dirichlet problem in a convex planar domain has diameter less than an absolute constant times the inradius of the domain.

Nodal sets of smooth functions with finite vanishing order and p-sweepouts

We show that on a compact Riemannian manifold (M, g), nodal sets of linear combinations of any $$p+1$$p+1 smooth functions form an admissible p-sweepout provided these linear combinations have