Nocturnal hypertension in mice consuming a high fructose diet.

  title={Nocturnal hypertension in mice consuming a high fructose diet.},
  author={Vera de Moura Azevedo Farah and Khalid M. Elased and Yanfang Chen and Mary P Key and Tatiana Cunha and Maria Cl{\'a}udia Costa Irigoyen and Mariana Morris},
  journal={Autonomic neuroscience : basic & clinical},
  volume={130 1-2},
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of fructose consumption on the light/dark pattern of blood pressure, heart rate and autonomic neural function in mice. BACKGROUND Insulin resistant diabetes is associated with hypertension and autonomic dysfunction. There is evidence that the increasing incidence of diabetes may be related to dietary changes, including consumption of high levels of fructose. DESIGN/METHODS C57/BL mice, instrumented with radiotelemetric arterial catheters, were fed a… CONTINUE READING
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