No ghost state of Gauss–Bonnet interaction in warped backgrounds

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Completely localized gravity with higher curvature terms

In the intersecting braneworld models, higher curvature corrections to the Einstein action are necessary to provide a non-trivial geometry (brane tension) at the brane junctions. By introducing such

Cosmology of intersecting brane-world models in Gauss–Bonnet gravity

We study the cosmological properties of a codimension two brane world that sits at the intersection between two four-branes, in the framework of six-dimensional Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet gravity. Due to

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The effective four-dimensional, linearised gravity for a brane world model with higher order curvature terms and a bulk scalar field is analysed. Large and small distance gravitational laws are

Gauss-Bonnet gravity renders negative tension braneworlds unstable

We show that the addition of the Gauss-Bonnet term to Einstein gravity induces a tachyon mode in the spin two fluctuations of the Randall-Sundrum I model. We demonstrate that this instability is

Braneworld Inflation with Induced Gravity and Curvature Effect

We construct a general braneworld inflation scenario where the inflaton field evolves on the DGP brane and curvature effects are taken into account via incorporation of the Gauss—Bonnet term in the

Gauss–Bonnet cosmology with induced gravity and a non-minimally coupled scalar field on the brane

We construct a cosmological model with a non-minimally coupled scalar field on the brane, where Gauss–Bonnet and induced gravity effects are taken into account. This model has 5D character at both

Scalar brane backgrounds in higher order curvature gravity

We investigate maximally symmetric brane world solutions with a scalar field. Five-dimensional bulk gravity is described by a general lagrangian which yields field equations containing no higher than


In the first part of this work we review the equations of motion for the brane presented in Friedmann–Robertson–Walker (FRW) form, when the bulk is five-dimensional (A)dS Black Hole. The spacelike



The Einstein Equations on the 3-BRANE World:. a Window to Extra Dimensions

We carefully investigate the gravitational equations of the brane world, in which all the matter forces except gravity are confined on the 3-brane in a 5-dimensional spacetime with $Z_2$ symmetry. We

Consistency of higher derivative gravity in the brane background

We consider the theory of higher derivative gravity with non-factorizable Randall-Sundrum type space-time and obtain the metric solutions which characterize the p-brane world-volume as a curved or

Brane versus shell cosmologies in Einstein and Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theories

We first illustrate on a simple example how, in existing brane cosmological models, the connection of a 'bulk' region to its mirror image creates matter on the 'brane'. Next, we present a

Domain walls and massive gauged supergravity potentials

We point out that massive gauged supergravity potentials, for example those arising due to the massive breathing mode of sphere reductions in M-theory or string theory, allow for supersymmetric

String-Inspired Higher-Curvature Terms and the Randall-Sundrum Scenario

We consider the O( 0 ) string eective action, with Gauss-Bonnet curvaturesquared and forth-order dilaton-derivative terms, which is derived by a matching procedure with string amplitudes in ve