No common denominator for breast cancer lymph node metastasis

  title={No common denominator for breast cancer lymph node metastasis},
  author={Britta Weigelt and L. F. A. Wessels and Astrid Bosma and Annuska M. Glas and D S A Nuyten and Y D He and Hongyue Dai and Johannes Leo Peterse and Laura van't Veer},
  journal={British Journal of Cancer},
  pages={924 - 932}
The axillary lymph node status is the most powerful prognostic factor for breast cancer patients to date. The molecular mechanisms that control lymph node metastasis, however, remain poorly understood. To define patterns of genes or gene regulatory pathways that drive breast cancer lymph node metastasis, we compared the gene expression profiles of 15 primary breast carcinomas and their matching lymph node metastases using microarrays. In general, primary breast carcinomas and lymph node… CONTINUE READING