No Planet Around HD 219542 B ⋆


The star HD 219542 B has been reported by us (Desidera et al. 2003) to show low-amplitude radial velocity variations that could be due to the presence of a Saturn-mass planetary companion or to stellar activity phenomena. In this letter we present the results of the continuation of the radial velocity monitoring as well as a discussion of literature determinations of the chromospheric activity of the star (Wright et al. 2004). These new data indicate that the observed radial velocity variations are likely related to stellar activity. In particular, there are indications that HD 219542 B underwent a phase of enhanced stellar activity in 2002 while the activity level has been lower in both 2001 and 2003. Our 2003 radial velocity measurements now deviate from our preliminary orbital solution and the peak in the power spectrum at the proposed planet period is severely reduced by the inclusion of the new data. We therefore dismiss the planet hypothesis as the cause of the radial velocity variations.

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