No Man's Land∗

  title={No Man's Land∗},
  author={Karen Kurczynski},

Migration and Dependency: Mexican Countryside Proletarianization and the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

This article addresses the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) between Mexico and Canada by examining the forms of disposability and job insecurity of Mexicans employed in Canadian

Is Svalbard a pristine ecosystem? Reconstructing 420 years of human presence in an Arctic archipelago

  • F. Kruse
  • Environmental Science
    Polar Record
  • 2016
ABSTRACT The Arctic is commonly perceived as a pristine wilderness, yet more than four centuries of human industry have not left Svalbard untouched. This paper explores the historical dimension of

What makes men mother and mop?: constancy and change in the care work performed by American men

This paper fills a gap in feminist and family literature on the “stalled household revolution” by examining the unexplored relationship between the gender composition of occupations and men’s

Vulnerability and Resilience in the Covid-19 Crisis: Race, Gender, and Belonging

  • E. Boris
  • History
    Migration and Pandemics
  • 2021
During the early months of the 2020 pandemic, migrants who travelled to the United States to pick crops, scrub floors, stock warehouses, and tend to elders became ‘heroes’ for performing necessary

The Social Impact of Out-Migration: A Case Study from Rural and Small Town Nova Scotia, Canada

By drawing from Statistics Canada and qualitative research data, we assess the social impact of population decline in the Strait Region of Nova Scotia. Statistics Canada data show that from 2001 to

Convergence or intermediality? Finnish political communication in the New Media Age

The article considers political communication in the age of digital media and the internet by testing how the idea of convergence culture has emerged in Finnish political campaigning. The concept of

Adaptive reuse for leftover urban landscape: ruins, remains, waste and monsters for an approaching genealogy of future

  • Annalisa Metta
  • Business
    Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development
  • 2022
PurposeThis paper aims to explore the topic of adaptive reuse referring to urban open spaces into a more-than-human perspective. It underlines that dealing with heritage means being part of an

Overlooked jaguar guardians: Indigenous territories and range-wide conservation of a cultural icon

Indigenous territories (ITs) are an integral component of global conservation strategies. We evaluate the range-wide overlap of ITs and the distribution of the jaguar (Panthera onca), a Neotropical

Love, Sex, Gender, and Superheroes, Jeffrey A. Brown (2022)

  • N. Later
  • Psychology
    Journal of European Popular Culture
  • 2022
Review of: Love, Sex, Gender, and Superheroes, Jeffrey A. Brown (2022)New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 244 pp.,ISBN 978-1-97882-526-0, p/bk, $29.95ISBN 978-1-97882-527-7, h/bk, $69.95