No Longer Curiously Rare but Only Just within Bounds: women in Scottish history

  title={No Longer Curiously Rare but Only Just within Bounds: women in Scottish history},
  author={Jane Hedger McDermid},
  journal={Women's History Review},
  pages={389 - 402}
  • J. McDermid
  • Published 17 June 2011
  • History
  • Women's History Review
This article examines the development of women's history in Scotland since the first conference of the International Federation for Research in Women's History (1989). The title is taken from a 1997 article in Scottish Affairs (issue 18), in which Esther Breitenbach asked whether the ‘curiously rare’ women in Scottish history was a case of the ‘suppression of the female in the construction of national identity’. Thus, this study focuses on key themes in the modern period of that history… 
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