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No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies

  title={No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies},
  author={N. Klein},
  • N. Klein
  • Published 1999
  • Art, Political Science
Much of the attention directed at Naomi Klein's No Logo has focussed on the fluently constructed analysis of forces that oppose global transnational corporate capitalism. This should not be surprising given the recent acceleration of anti-corporate activism that so vividly entered the public domain at the end of the last century at the antiglobalization coming out party in Seattle opposing the World Trade Organization. Indeed, given the fervor bought about by the malaise felt towards… Expand
News in the age of empire : two war scandals
This thesis argues that the motivations underpinning the mainstream news media have fundamentally changed in the 21 sl century. As such, the news is no longer best understood as a tool for propagandaExpand
Not going to Starbucks: Boycotts and the out-scouring of politics in the branded world
Focusing on boycotts of Starbucks over last decade, this article looks more broadly at the current states of buying and civic engagement in the United States and abroad. Contrary to what RobertExpand
Beyond altermondialisme: anti-capitalist dialectic of presence
That ‘Another World is Possible’ has become the ensign of the left’s common sense. For lack of having been thought through, and for want to take it all in, the new reasonableness has given itself aExpand
A very capitalist disaster: Naomi Klein's take on the neoliberal saga
Even before I read his review of Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, I had the uneasy feeling that Joseph Stiglitz would highlight Klein’s attempt to make a connectionExpand
A Crippling Sin: An Exploration of 'Greed' in Global News Magazine Discourse
Upon recognizing the growing “financialization” of everyday life, my project examines the manner in which “greed” is constructed the in two of the most widely circulated international news magazinesExpand
Beyond altermondialisme: anti-capitalist dialectic of presence
ABSTRACT That ‘Another World is Possible’ has become the ensign of the left's common sense. For lack of having been thought through, and for want to take it all in, the new reasonableness has givenExpand
Historicizing the Global, Politicizing Capital: Giving the Present a Name
I'd like to begin with a simple quotation, from a proclamation issued to the people of Baghdad: 'Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors, but as liberators'. These words wereExpand
Book Review: This changes everything: Capitalism vs. the climate
It is hard to know how to approach the phenomenon that is Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate. In case you’ve been living in a remote cave for the last 12 months, thisExpand
Shaming the Corporation : Globalization , Reputation , and the Dynamics of Anti-Corporate Movements
Corporations have become common targets of activism, but social movement research has barely begun to unpack the dynamics of anti-corporate campaigning. To address this gap, we theorize howExpand
Taming Corporations or Buttressing Market-Led Development? A Critical Assessment of the Global Compact
Abstract Voluntary-based corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies have become a fashionable response of the business community and international organizations to the growing discontent overExpand


The tourist city
Having considered at length the concept of the historic city and outlined its main spatial dimensions and functional relations, the following task is to do the same with the parallel concept of theExpand
Consumer Culture and Postmodernism
Preface In Pursuit of the Postmodern Theories of Consumer Culture Towards a Sociology of Postmodern Culture Postmodernism, Cultural Change and Social Practice Postmodernism and the AestheticizationExpand