No God, No Boss, No Husband

  title={No God, No Boss, No Husband},
  author={Malcolm Molyneux},
  journal={Latin American Perspectives},
  pages={119 - 145}
  • M. Molyneux
  • Published 1 January 1986
  • History
  • Latin American Perspectives
This article examines anarchist feminism, a tendency within the nineteenth-century Anarchist movement in Argentina, through a study of the content and social context of the newspaper La Voz de la Mujer. There are two main reasons for examining this phenomenon. The first is one familiar to feminist historians-that of making visible what, in Sheila Rowbotham’s phrase (1974), has been &dquo;hidden from history.&dquo; The history of anarchist-feminism in Argentina has never been written; nor has it… 

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