No Evidence for Recent Selection at <ce:italic>FOXP2</ce:italic> among Diverse Human Populations

  title={No Evidence for Recent Selection at <ce:italic>FOXP2</ce:italic> among Diverse Human Populations},
  author={Elizabeth Grace Atkinson and Amanda Jane Audesse and Julia A. Palacios and Dean Michael Bobo and Brenna M Henn},
FOXP2, initially identified for its role in human speech, contains two nonsynonymous substitutions derived in the human lineage. Evidence for a recent selective sweep in Homo sapiens, however, is at odds with the presence of these substitutions in archaic hominins. Here, we comprehensively reanalyze FOXP2 in hundreds of globally distributed genomes to test for recent selection. We do not find evidence of recent positive or balancing selection at FOXP2. Instead, the original signal appears to… CONTINUE READING


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